Integrations and webhooks

Explore out-of-the-box deep integrations for the marketplace space. And add your own. provides out-of-the box integrations with the most popular services and systems. Add your own integration using GraphQL API.
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Brevo randevu Integration
randevu integrations hubspot
randevu Shopify integration
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randevu integrations mondu
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Do you miss an integration?

Event-driven architecture gives you flexibility

Send a webhook whenever you feel like. Even custom ones.

randevu’s marketplace engine implements event-driven architecture. You can send webhooks whenever an entity is created, deleted or updated, including custom models as well as custom business events.

Having a side-by-side serverless function, microservice or server receiving a webhook and using the backend API with an API user gives you a powerful setup for adding additional business logic your participants will love.

You have the control

Add custom integrations leveraging webhooks

If randevu is not providing the particular out-of-the-box an integration that you require, you can add it yourself leveraging webhooks. For example, calculate shipping costs or taxes for the jurisdiction where your marketplace operates.

Want your solution to be provided as an out-of-the-box integration?

Seamlessly becoming part of our ecosystem is a breeze. Should you be keen on creating an integration to, we’d love to connect.