Multiple environments for better development control

Tests and production environments

Differentiate between your testing environment from your production environment that your customers can see. Have a separate stage where you can test your ideas BEFORE going live.
stage production environment quick push to production

One click & go live

Test and validate your changes in the staging before releasing them to production

With randevu, you get two environments from day 1. Staging environment is called “test” and production is called “live”. 

You can modify your business logic, data models, extensions and integrations as well as see all those changes in actions in your test mode. When you’re ready to go live, you can simply click a button and release your changes to production.

stage production environment release history

Audit trail for easier traceability

See history of releases

See and examine what changes went into your production system, who made that deployment and when it was made. Track all your most important deployment data in one spot. 

stage production environment changes to deployment

You can deploy on Fridays as well

See changes that are yet to be deployed to production

Before pressing the “push to production button”, you can examine all the changes that will be made with the next deployment from the staging to the production environment. Make your migration decisions and deploy when you are ready.

Enterprise only

Create additional system environments

Enterprise license lets you add additional system environments such as development environment, second-level quality assurance, etc. so you can fully comply to your internal release polices.

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