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Over the years we have built all the needed building blocks to accelerate your launch and the development process of your digital platform and marketplace.

The heart of flexibility

Business logic according to YOUR needs

You can build YOUR unique processes with unlimited actions, triggers, states and connections, meaning you can build completely custom process flows, with different approval steps and data visibility control – just like you and your industry need it to be.

You can easily adapt the workflows as you go and changes will automatically be seen in the embedded frontend. Model your processes to fit your business logic – not the other way around!

randevu business logic workflow heart of flexibility

Key system features you are going to love!

There are so many features you can and will use, but there are only so many you are going to love every step of the way, from designing and creating your product until the very last step of your processes.


Fully customized processes according to your needs


Controlled data disclosure and access permissions


Integrate approvals as you wish


API-first platform and marketplace infrastructure


Events-driven architecture and GraphQL APIs


Everything you need in one solutions

Participants and users

Your unique marketplace can have not only buyers and sellers but also other types of platform participants e.g. service providers.


Add marketplace participant & user sign ups and logins

Participant and user onboarding

Fully customizable and dedicated onboarding experience for every marketplace side like your industry requires it. Add (multi-level) manual or auto approvals, verifications, vetting, personalization, KYC, and more. Or just make it dead simple.

Participant types and custom data models

Define as many participant types a.k.a. marketplace sides as you nned and have a custom data model for every participant type.

Social-login and single-sign-on (SSO)

Allow your marketplace users to use SSO or social logins such as Google, Twitter, Facebook, GitHub and others.


Organizations, team mode, and multi-tenants

Convert your marketplace participant into a team mode a.k.a. (business) organization with several users within a team.

Participant and user management, incl. their listings and transactions

Monitor, manage and have full control over your participants and users data as well as their marketplace activity.


Allow communications between your marketplace participants, operators, and external systems.


Allow your marketplace participants and users to chat to each other when you want them to.


Send emails to your marketplace participants and your operations team at every step of every process – if you want it.


Send mobile and web notifications to your marketplace participants.



Send SMS codes and messages to your marketplace participants.


Send real time data to your external systems such as CRM, Finance, SAP, and in-house developed systems via webhooks.

Connections for social aspects

Allow participants to have connections and build relations. Allow connections such as followers, favorites, friends, partners, etc.


Transactions are value exchange processes among marketplace participants. Have as many transaction types as your business needs.

Reverse auction (Uber-like)

Consumers enter requirements and get matched with potential providers. Known examples are RFQ-like and Uber-like transactions.

Forward auction (Ebay-like)

Providers put something on auction and consumers bid for it. Known examples are Ebay-like transactions.

Browse and select one (AirBnb-Like)

Consumers can browse listings and select one for checkout. Known example is an AirBnB-like transaction.

Multi-vendor shopping cart (Amazon-like)

Consumers can browse listings, usually products, and can put many of them into a shopping cart. Known example is an Amazon-like transaction.


Take orders at the price you decide and forward that order to your suppliers without worrying about storage, fulfillment or shipping. Your supplier or manufacturer ships it directly to your customer once an order is received.


Custom one

Create a completely tailored transaction that your industry needs. randevu’s process engine aligns to your requirements, not the other way around.


Allow your participants to create reviews for every transaction type. Have your operational team administrate and approve them if necessary.

Fintech and payments

Give your marketplace participants payment experience they deserve. Connect to multiple payment gateways, split payments, and offer financial services.

On and off-platform payments

Allow payments on platform with different payment methods as well as off-platform payments via purchase on account. Keep an overview of all payments, transfers, payouts, and handle taxes.

Marketplace revenue models for your industry

Choose between or combine some of 12 revenue models such as transaction commissions and fees or participant’s onboarding fee. Also create a completely tailored one. randevu.tech aligns to your requirements. Not the other way around.

Integrations to payment gateways

Use existing integrations to Stripe, Ayden, MongoPay, Mondu or leverage randevu’s API-first architecture to add one that serves your market.

Embedded financing

Offer credits, BNPL, installments and other financial services to your buyers via out-of-the-box integrations to fintech providers. Or add your own integration.


Every industry has its unique approach to doing commerce. Personalized pricing, bulked pricing, industry-specific discounts, and referrals to jump-start your network effect.

Pricing that can serve even the most complex B2B use cases

randevu supports not only list prices, but negotiated prices, volume-based pricing, dynamic pricing, industry-specific and custom pricing formulas.


Allow your marketplace participants to offer bulk, seasonal, personalised or industry-specific discounts.


Allow providers to sell add-ons that are complementary to their offerings.

Coupons and promotion codes

Issue coupon codes that can be limited to a maximum number of uses, by specific customer groups, by expiration date, and more.



Issue invoices yourself or on behalf of providers. Track their status and related payments.



Bundles are made up of multiple offerings on your marketplace. These are ideal for selling kits or combinations of offerings from different providers together.



Allow marketplace participants to send referral links and award them for contributing to your network effect & growth.


Order management

Use default order status or define an unlimited number of custom ones. Keep track of them across multiple vendors and see it real time.

Disputes and return workflows

Be in control of exception handling. Design the dispute and/or return experience and define the rules unique to your business.


Listing information management

Listings are values that your providers bring to your marketplaces. They can be products, services or something in between.

Multiple listing types and extendable data models

Allow both products and services (or something in between) to be transacted on your marketplace. Create models that are tailored to your industry. randevu.tech fits into your requirements. Not the other way around.

Discovery with filters that makes life easier for your customers

Discover listings with as many filters as your industry needs. randevu.tech aligns to your industry. Not the other way around.

Unlimited products and variants

Create variants with unlimited dimensions and attributes. Track availability of each variant in real-time.

Assets management & CDN support

An asset can be an image, a video, a PDF, Excel, CAD or any kind of file that is relevant for your industry. Allow your participants to upload such documents and manage them through Backoffice.

SKUs and other availability managements

Different availability management for your listings. SKU-based, calendar-based, event-based, time-based, personalized and negotiable.

Integration to vendor’s commerce systems

Let your vendors keep using their commerce systems such as SAP, Shopify, Magento and sync data between them and your marketplace in real time. If a vendor’s system is missing, you can add the integration yourself.


Export data

Use APIs or export feature to download the data you need.

Bulk imports

Use APIs or import features to jump start the catalog on your marketplace.

Internationalization and localization

A locale is a combination of a language (English, German, Serbian…) and a country (USA, UK, Germany). For instance, US English is represented as en_US & UK English as en_UK. Have your listings in different languages with different currencies. PS: Don’t mix the locale concept with the interface language.


Listing onboarding

Dedicated onboarding process for every listing type. Add (multi-level) manual or auto approvals, verifications, curation, personalization and more. Or just make it dead simple.


Enable your providers to manage their own industry-specific metadata so that your marketplace gets optimized for search engines.

Controlled data disclosure & access permissions

Every marketplace has different rules on what data is publicly accessible and what data is not.

Controlled data disclosure

Control what data and when it can be seen and changed by marketplace users & guests. E.g. hide data for non-logged in users, disclose more after logging in and even more after signing an NDA.

Accesses and permissions

Grant and remove data access to participants. Have sensitive fields hidden or force them to submit change requests.

Roles for marketplace operators

Have your team organized into administrators, operators, support, and developers. Control who can see what.


randevu.tech is designed to be extended and integrated into enterprise architectures following the modern side-by-side approach.


Add UX and customer journeys that will make you unique in your industry. Add your web, desktop, and mobile frontends or use randevu’s frontend accelerator.


Integrate into any system or application and access randevu.tech’s functionality through APIs.

Events-driven architecture

Event-driven architecture scales as demand requires and allows you to extend it to fit your business needs.

Designed with developers & enterprise architects in mind

Software architects and engineers started randevu.tech because other solutions on the market were limiting them.

GraphQL APIs

Develop marketplace commerce like it is 2023, not 2004. Your developers will love it.

Composable commerce

Seamlessly integrate best-of-breed solutions of your choice.


Have your backoffice team monitor and control your platform operations in real time.

Real-time view and single source of truth for your platform operations

Let your operators see what is happening in real time. Who is onboarding, who is transacting, who is disputing, etc.

Approval, rejections, vettings, personalization

Let your operators approve or reject participants, listings, transactions, reviews and other objects. Allow them to create personalized experiences for your marketplace participants.

Update data

Let your operator see and update the data of your participants, listings, transactions, and other business objects.

Import/export data

Import or export data from your marketplace.

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