More than just an admin panel

Full control of your marketplace operations. In one place.

Marketplace Backoffice panel gives you total control of your daily business. Monitor and moderate every operational aspect of your marketplace in one place. The admin panel shows you what your participants are doing and what goes on in your marketplace.
operations admin dashboard backoffice panel backoffice modules overview

Manage all your operations from one place

randevu’s intuitive Backoffice provides a central control system for all your marketplace operations.

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Admin panel, backoffice and dashboard

With the a modern application called randevu Backoffice for your backoffice work, you can do all non-customer facing activities efficiently.

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Have your operations team at one place

Invite your team and share access to your administrators, operators, support, and developers, so everybody can work on their own task.

Focus on your customers

Perfect for customer support

All our instances (participant and users, supplies and listings, transactions, orders and subtransactions, payments and transfers as well as connections) have their own IDs, making them easy to track down in case of a problem or a bug. 

We hid those IDs from your normal view, so you can focus on every day tasks. If you want to access them → they are just one click away.

tech details customer support
participants overview in randevu's backoffice

Participants and user management

Full control over your participants and users

Depending on the type of your marketplace and how you design the workflow and the participants’ onboarding process, you can

transaction details in randevu backoffice


All transactions and orders in one view

No matter how complicated your transactions (or subtransactions) are designed, you always have total control of the value exchange of your marketplace with your admin panel.

supplies overview in randevu's backoffice


Manage supplies and listings of your participants

randevu’s workflow flexibility means you can design your processes around supply/listings (product or service offered on your marketplace) according to you needs, in order to

Connections overview in randevu backoffice


Connect your participants without orders and transactions

You can connect participants/users (even within the same user group) and let them communicate without being in transactions/orders.

payment breakdown in randevu's backoffice

Payments and transfers

Have an overview of all payments and transfers

Before randevu, tracking of payment (consumers pay to you) and transfer (you sending money to providers) made troubles to lots of marketplace owners. With randevu’s operational view of payments and transfers, you can

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Discover more about randevu’s extensibility and flexibility, controlled data disclosures & access permissions, different environments and many more features for your marketplace. 

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