Everything you need for your B2B digital commerce platform.

randevu.tech is a fully customizable headless 4-in-1 SaaS development platform, designed
for building, running and scaling next-generation digital commerce platforms.

Fully customizable. Scalable. With or without additional coding.

Join the happy group of platform and marketplace teams from all over the world

Headless backend.

Configure your business logic according to your needs. Without a single line of code!

randevu infrastructure headless backend

Embedded frontend.

See and test automatically backend configuration changes and launch it quickly.

randevu infrastructure embedded frontend

Operations dashboard.

Monitor what is happening on your platform and interact easily with your users.

randevu infrastructure operations dashboard

GraphQL APIs.

Send webhooks and extend with your lambdas and microservices using API users.

randevu infrastructure with GRAPHQL APIS

How it works? The proven path to launch and growth.

Go through the process of creating a first platform version and iterating quickly. Build further only after you realize your solution is working!

Step 1

Build in days

Configure your participants, their supply and the way they can find each other, as well as all their workflows. Without  a single line of code!

Step 2

Go-live in weeks

After testing your system in the sandbox environment, deploy to production and send the link to your users. You are live!

Step 3

Iterate in minutes

After you get some feedback from your users, iterate your config in your sandbox, test it and push it live within minutes. No code needed! 

Additional steps are there to further develop your marketplace.

Code your amazing custom frontend and add any custom integrations to your product –>

Step 4

Extend with custom frontend

Upgrade UX of your platform by developing custom frontend and connect it with the randevu backend. Make it shine! 

Step 5

Add any custom integration

Enhance the value your users are getting using your product by adding any custom integration using state of the art GraphQL APIs.

Your benefits from using randevu

Using randevu as your tech solution for your digital platform and marketplace allows you to enjoy multiple benefits, from fastest possible time to market for a completely custom solution to the fact that you don’t need any other software to build, run and scale your product. 


Fastest possible time-to-market

Begin configuration process of your custom solution and go live in a matter of weeks. Or take a couple of days or weeks to test multiple solutions before going live. 


Decrease total-cost-of-ownership by +50%

Instead of hiring 2-6 developers to develop your solution, your TCO can consist only of randevu licence.


Fastest possible return-on-investment

With the lowest possible total cost of ownership (TCO) and the the fastest possible time to market (TTM), you are able to achieve also the fastest possible return on your investment (ROI).


Adapt quickly to the market changes

Use the ability to quickly adapt your business and tech configuration to the market reaction and changes is essential for your platform success.


Grow at your own pace

Once you are happy with your platform’s performance and you want to develop it further, add additional integrations to your marketplace.


No vendor lock-in

randevu supports you long-term. Data portability is a priority, allowing easy export if necessary.


Own your IP

While we offer servers, databases, and digital building blocks, your unique setups, processes, algorithms, and data remain yours.


Everything you need, in a single infrastructure

randevu’s infrastructure gives you all the features you need from day 1, without the need to integrate other solutions.

Specialized platform workflow engine

You can build YOUR unique custom business logic with unlimited actions, triggers, states and connections – for all user onboardings, their supply approval processes, their transactions and every other process on your platform. 

randevu Picture_ Workflow engine

You can easily adapt the workflows as you go and changes will automatically be seen in the embedded frontend. Model your processes to fit your business logic – not the other way around!

Customer experiences speak volumes

From enterprises to startups, randevu’s infrastructure serves so many successful marketplaces and industry champions.

Awarded multi-vendor platform infrastructure

Advisory Board of Marketplace Risk (international network focused on connecting and supporting marketplaces and digital platforms) has rewarded randevu as a Multi-vendor platform solution provider within Solution Provider Excellence Program for 2024.

After carefully reviewing case studies and interviewing customers, Marketplace Risk recognized randevu’s infrastructure as the only awarded multi-vendor solution provider in 2024.

randevu marketplace risk award excellence program 2024 Badge
randevu.tech und Fraunhofer IESE
Whitepaper with Fraunhofer IESE: “How do platforms and marketplaces make money?”

11 Platform Revenue Models. Theory and real-life examples.

This whitepaper aims to provide strategic insights into how platforms and marketplaces earn money as well as an overview of which revenue model(s) you could try in your platform/marketplace.

randevu whitepaper how do platforms make money

See how randevu’s platform infrastructure can help your business

We want to hear from you! Whether you’re a potential customer with questions about our services or have questions about further developing your marketplace, we can’t wait to help.