Success story of RE:Solut

RE:Solut Digital Hub is connecting the renewable energy sector

Find out how RE:Solut empowers digital collaboration in the renewable energy sector using randevu’s digital commerce platform.

Success story resolut empowerd by randevu, success story

Used products of the randevu’s infrastructure


Configurable headless backend

For their platform backend configuration


Adaptable embedded frontend

For quicker GTM and as their current frontend


Powerful operations backoffice

For platform daily management tasks

Modular and flexible GraphQL APIs

Custom frontend and other integrations are in the pipeline


Berlin, Germany

Wind turbines and renewable energy

Business model
B2B digital platform

Transaction type
Reverse auction

Marketplace type
Multi-sided service platform

German (expansion planned)

Product solution
+ marketplace engine
+ planning to create a uniquely designed frontend together with the randevu team

Marco Scharobe, CEO 
RE:Solut on LinkedIn

About RE:Solut

RE:Solut is an innovative B2B Digital Hub that offers matchmaking for over 100 services related to wind turbines and the renewable energy sector. In the past, wind turbine operators and investors had to look for service providers within their own network and contacts, which very often lasted long and didn’t bring the result they wanted. 

Now, with the RE:Solut Digital Hub, they can request multiple services from a wider pool of experts and get matched with providers that meet their specific requirements. Besides matching services, the RE:Solut Digital Hub also facilitates negotiations between parties before finalizing service agreements, and digitalizes many more processes in the sector otherwise done with pen and paper. 

Since its foundation in 2019, RE:Solut has developed a comprehensive understanding of the market and processes while building a strong network of partners and customers. Leveraging its extensive network and in-depth specialist knowledge, RE:Solut provides platform participants with a holistic approach to a sustainable future.

Initial tech challenges

RE:Solut faced several challenges in building the technology needed to operate its Digital Hub. Unfortunately, white-label solutions couldn’t cover more than some standard use cases, and developing a custom solution would have required up to 6 months of work for up to 10 developers, consuming the budget previously planned for business development. They operated a WordPress solution manually, collecting the courage to make such an investment in the supporting tech and not in their business. But then they discovered randevu.


Similar to the Toolplace + story, Marco, the founder and CEO of RE:Solut, met the team at the Plattform Macher Tage conference in 2023. Although initial contact had been made at earlier events, it was at this conference in Gelnhausen, Germany, that the partnership truly began to take shape.

Why RE:Solut chose

Inspired by the Toolplace success story shared at the event, intrigued by randevu’s offering and the promise to be launched on time for their big industry event, Marco and his team decided to test’s infrastructure themselves.

Project scope

RE:Solut aimed to launch their new Digital Hub using’s platform within 6 weeks only, encompassing configurable backend infrastructure, adaptable embedded frontend, and the powerful operations dashboard.

Partnership outcomes

Through the dedicated efforts of both teams, the RE:Solut hub launched in less than 5 weeks after signing the agreement – as hoped for – just in time for one of the industry’s largest events, Windenergietage in Potsdam, Germany. Today, the RE:Solut Digital Hub is a rapidly growing platform for industry leaders and those who want to become one.

randevu success story RESolut-Anfrage

Since the launch, RE:Solut has continuously been refining their matching algorithm based on customer feedback. Marco and his team are planning new features and integrations, as well as building their own custom frontend. We look forward to supporting RE:Solut in the future!

Visit RE:Solut Digital Hub for more information about renewable energy solutions.

“I can say from my own experience that technology and team are an absolute game changer and have helped us to enter the market quickly with our hub We are grateful for their support and look forward to working with them in the future!”

Marco Scharobe Bild randevu success story

Marco Scharobe

CEO of RE:Solut GmbH

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