Success story of Toolplace

Toolplace reinvented the plastic moulding industry using randevu

Find out how randevu’s digital platform and marketplace infrastructure helped Toolplace in transforming toolmaking and plastic moulding industry worldwide.

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Used products of the randevu’s infrastructure


Configurable headless backend

For their platform backend configuration


Adaptable embedded frontend

For configuration testing before custom frontend development


Powerful operations backoffice

For platform daily management tasks


Modular and flexible GraphQL APIs

For custom frontend integration

toolplace b2b marketplace

Sandhausen, Germany

Plastic moulding

Business model
B2B marketplace

Transaction type
Reverse auction

Marketplace type
Multi-sided service marketplace

German and English

Product solution
+ marketplace engine
+ fully customed UX and frontend developed by randevu’s experts

Christian Götze, founder and CEO 
Toolplace on LinkedIn

About Toolplace

Toolplace is a B2B marketplace transforming the toolmaking and plastic moulding industry. Born from the vision of an industry expert, it’s a bespoke B2B marketplace designed to streamline procurement and foster growth by connecting plastic moulders and toolmakers.

It’s founder and CEO Christian Götze (ex-Head of Sales and Head of Innovation at the Swiss champion Georg Kaufmann Formenbau AG) worked in the toolmaking industry for over 10 years before he decided to build Toolplace to solve the inefficiencies of the industry.

What tech challenges was Toolplace facing initially?

Toolplace was facing the challenge of building a scalable technology. As a first step, they looked at white-label solutions and concluded none of them can fulfil their requirements. As a second step, they decided to look for software houses and outsourcing agencies which could help them build the tech. So they started their RFQ. The initial quotes from software houses to build their marketplace were staggering, requiring a budget above 200,000 EUR and a development timeline of at least 6-8 months.

How did Toolplace discover

The founder of Toolplace met the team behind randevu at the Plattform Macher Tage conference in 2022. randevu team proposed a new approach that promised to slash the time to market and total cost of ownership by 2-3 times.

What made Toolplace decide to work with

Intrigued by randevu’s promise, Toolplace decided to test the waters with a proof of concept (PoC). In less than 2 weeks, randevu’s team developed nearly 70% of the required functionalities for the marketplace using the randevu marketplace infrastructure. Impressed by the results, Toolplace decided to build their marketplace on and signed a long-term deal.

What was the scope of the project?

Toolplace not only wanted to use randevu’s backend infrastructure, but asked for additional professional services offered by randevu’s experts. In this case: UI/UX design and customized frontend development. So the iteration process of the Toolplace’s marketplace configuration started, as well as the design of their frontend.

What was the outcome of the partnership between Toolplace and

In less than 2 months after signing the deal with randevu, Toolplace went live using their own customized frontend and started onboarding customers on the biggest industry fair K2022. With UX that exceeds B2B expectations, their marketplace was serving customers with efficiency and ease from day 1 after the launch. Today, Toolplace is a thriving hub for top-tier mould makers from Germany, Switzerland, and Austria, all personally vetted by their team of experts.

tooplace, platform for plastic moulders and toolmakers, RFQ overview

How has Toolplace impacted the toolmaking and plastic moulding industry?

A fast growing number of vendors and customers from the toolmaking and plastic moulding industry now rely on Toolplace to scale their operations, streamline procurement, and navigate industry challenges. With by their side, Toolplace turned a daunting challenge into a resounding triumph, disruptively innovating the landscape of their industry.

How has Toolplace’s solution evolved since its launch?

Since its launch, Toolplace has even further evolved, due to learnings from the markets. Their customers requested new features and improvements in user journey. After validating these requirements across customers, Toolplace was able to release new versions of their marketplace including new features but also new revenue models tailored specific customer segments. These changes are natural for marketplace businesses since they evolve and were able to be implemented without a hassle thanks to the flexibility and extensibility of

Visit Toolplace for more information about the plastic moulding industry.
“After a long evaluation process, we decided to partner with randevu to build our solution instead of hiring a software house. As a result we went to the market 4 month faster and with around 60% less budget. This enabled us to repurpose our resources into business development. When you consider building a marketplace – think of time to market, investment and flexibility!”
Christian Götze, CEO of Toolplace, Plattform für Werkzeugmacher und Spritzgießer

Christian Götze

Founder and CEO of Toolplace
Ex-Head of Innovation @ Georg Kaufmann Formenbau AG

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