RFQ procurement tool use case

Create the perfect RFQ e-procurement tool for your business and industry. Optimize margins and productivity.

Don’t lose time on comparing different quotes, offers or unstructured documents from different suppliers by hand.

Create an RFQ process fully customized to your industry. Keep it for yourself as a competitive advantage or create an additional revenue stream for your company by letting everyone use it.

Key benefits of the new RFQ e-procurement solution

randevu quota RFQ use case

Lose unstandardized Excel files that are difficult to compare, that cost you and your colleagues so much of your time. Let us help you in creating a perfect RFQ procurement process for your company and industry. Increase operational efficiency, unblock your company resources and repurpose them into other activities.


Digitalize and standardize your industry


Own your industry by becoming the digital leader


Make information exchange with suppliers more efficient


Connect with new suppliers


Improve your supplier choices


Increase operational efficiency

The heart of flexibility

Design your processes according to your needs

You can build YOUR unique custom RFQ process with unlimited actions, triggers, states and connections.

That means that you can build completely custom RFQ process flows, with different approval steps and data visibility control.

randevu business logic workflow heart of flexibility

Use cases and examples

Depending on your internal goals, using the fully customized RFQ structure for your industry can bring great positive results in optimizing your processes and/or create new revenue streams by creating a marketplace for your industry.

randevu usecase Success story toolplace

Create new revenue streams

Procurement solution digitalizes the plastic molder industry

Toolplace is a B2B procurement solution transforming the toolmaking and plastic moulding industry. Here is how they digitalized their industry:

Step 1:
The founder of Toolplace, Christian Götze worked in the toolmaking and plastic molding industry for 10+ years. He saw the need for standardized RFQ processes that result in comparable supplier quotes, saving weeks of work on both sides (plastic molder and toolmaker).

Step 2:
Christian and his team build a procurement solution in randevu that is solving exactly these problems. In just 2,5 months.

A fast growing number of vendors and customers from the toolmaking and plastic moulding industry now rely on Toolplace to scale their operations, find new suppliers, streamline procurement, and navigate industry challenges.

Additional value created:
– Opportunity given to the industry participants to connect with possible new partners they didnt work with before
– Standardize RFQ processes
– Saving time in choosing the best supplier offer
– Enabling suppliers to give exactly those information their customers need
– Increasing overall industry efficiency

Optimize your processes

Make all your suppliers hand in comparable quotes

Our client AQUGA created their own standardized RFQ process for their suppliers. Here is how they made their RFQ process more efficient:

Step 1:
AQUGA saw the need for standardized RFQ processes, as they had troubles both finding qualified experts for their evaluation as well as they wanted to switch from pen & paper offers to digitalized ones, working on sustainability.

Step 2:
In cooperation with randevu.tech, AQUGA built a custom RFQ process, customized to their wishes and needs. In just 1,5 months.

Result created after standardizing RFQ processes:
– Saving 60% when creating a RFQ
– Sving 95% of time in comparing the offers
– Eased suppliers collaborations
– Less supplier confusions and less additional communication as suppliers are more aware of their expectations.
– Moved the communication from long emails to structurize RFQ solution

randevu usecase Success story ix3

Do you have questions regarding RFQ possibilities?

Ask us all of your questions and let us help you determine if the randevu.tech is the right solution for your RFQ and tender processes.