For developers

Managed digital platform backend solution that scales automatically with you

Speed up your development with our building blocks powered by a workflow engine and leverage the flexibility of GraphQL API to build new features and integrate to any system to meet all your marketplace custom requirements.

Composable commerce

Utilize the MACHⓇ architecture

Implement the enterprise-ready, microservice-based and API-first infrastructure for your marketplace by using randevu’s platform infrastructure.

randevu’s platform infrastructure is a methodically designed cloud-native and headless commerce backend (with optional embedded frontend) that helps you build, launch and scale your marketplace with ease.

randevu Picture_ MACH architecture

The most flexible digital commerce platform on the market

Using randevu as your tech solution for your digital platform and marketplace allows you to enjoy multiple benefits, from fastest possible time to market for a completely custom solution to the fact that you don’t need any other software to build, run and scale your product.


Modular architecture

Access our managed SaaS backend easily by utilizing our modular GraphQL APIs. These APIs allows seamless integration and efficient interaction with randevu’s infrastructure.

API-first and headless

Add UX and customer journeys making you unique in your industry. Add your web and mobile frontends or use randevu’s embedded frontend.


Composable commerce

Seamlessly integrate best-of-breed solutions of your choice to your marketplace infrastructure.


Event-driven architecture

Event-driven architecture scales as demand requires and allows you to extend it to fit your business needs.


Workflow engine

Each building block contains a workflow engine with unlimited flexibility at its the core. Design your marketplace flows and add endless states and actions.

More about the workflow engine –>


Multiple environments

randevu offers you multiple environments, giving you the opportunity to test your data models and processes before releasing to production.

More about multiple environments –>


Run as PaaS or on-premise

Managed and hosted by us, randevu’s infrastructure gives you highest standards of flexibility, availability and performance. Or manage it yourself on-premise.



Composed of customizable modules, randevu’s infrastructure can easily fit into any tech landscape and integrate any microservice needed for your platform.


Agile tech

randevu’s headless infrastructure enables you to run your tech operations in the agile manner, lowering your cost and increasing efficiency.

Greenfield AND brownfield capabilities

Start new platform or expend your legacy systems

Start creating your company’s software architecture with randevu’s infrastructure and connect your new software to it using modern GraphQL APIs.

Add seamlessly randevu’s infrastructure to the existing landscape of your software solutions and modern webhooks for the communication between the integrated systems.

randevu’s platform and marketplace infrastructure is adaptable to any business & technology landscape you (will) have.

randevu Picture_ greenfield and brownfield
data control and permissions

Unparalleled data control

Create data models and show/hide data according to your needs

Model your participants, their listing offerings, connections and transaction data structures as you with with many different data types such as text fields, lists, locations, numbers and booleans.

Using the flexible workflow engine, you can show/hide any data points within the flow, change the settings in any given state, and even change users permissions accordingly (view, read vs. write).

Design the system with 4 levels of visibility in mind: public, protected, private and meta data.

Flexible workflow engine

Develop business logic for YOUR needs without the hassle

You can build YOUR unique custom business logic with unlimited actions, triggers, states and connections – for all user onboardings, their supply approval processes, their transactions and every other process on your platform.

You can easily adapt the workflows as you go. Model your processes to fit your business logic – not the other way around!

PRO TIPP: However you design your workflow, it will automatically work on the randevu’s optional embedded frontend without ANY deployment!

More about the workflow engine –>

randevu Flexible workflow engine
randevu frontend Picture_ Frontends

Embedded or custom frontend

Use OOTB frontend or develop your own

Included in the randevu’s platform architecture, the embedded frontend allows you to test your idea, your backend configuration, your custom workflows and further develop your marketplace.

Once you validate your business and decide for the next step, you can use ANY frontend tech you need and love to create your own custom frontend (or as many of them as you want) and connect it with randevu’s GraphQL APIs.

Out-of-the-box scalability

Your tech automatically scales together with your business

Running your platform on randevu’s rock solid infrastructure, (which is running on AWS), your marketplace’s configurable backend, servers, data bases and deployment processes scale automatically with you. Scale your tech effortlessly from 10 to 1.000.000+ users.

randevu Picture_ scalability
randevu changelog

Regular product updates

We develop our product by listening to your feedback

We are constantly listening to our costumers’ feedback and adapt accordingly. Enjoy the infrastructure features our users asked before you and influence the timing of our upcoming features – we are strongly dedicated to improving our marketplace infrastructure and your user experience.

See changelog –>

Integrate with your legacy systems provides out-of-the box integrations with the most popular services and systems. Additionally, you can add unlimited number of your own integrations using GraphQL API.

You have the control

Send a webhook whenever you feel like

randevu’s marketplace engine implements event-driven architecture. You can send webhooks whenever an entity is created, deleted or updated, including custom models as well as custom business events.

Having a side-by-side serverless function, microservice or server receiving a webhook and using the backend API with an API user gives you a powerful setup for adding additional business logic your participants will love.

Explore integration partners –>

You have the control

Add custom integrations leveraging webhooks and API users

If randevu is not providing the particular out-of-the-box an integration that you require, you can add it yourself leveraging webhooks. For example, calculate shipping costs or taxes for the jurisdiction where your marketplace operates.

Use your favorite framework and connect it to GraphQL API

Develop your custom frontend using whatever framework makes you most productive and serves your needs best. Use React, Vue, Angular, Svelte or even JQuery and vanilla JS for the web. For mobile, use native SDKs or hybrid ones like Flutter, React Native or even Cordova. Our customers even use frontends that we did not expect: WinForms & WPF.

$sudo API do as I told you

Change behavior behind your API endpoints’s backend gives you default business logic behind an API. With our marketplace engine you can change the business logic and tailor it according to your needs.

Side-by-side extensions and integrations

Add your own lambdas and microservices using API users

Dedicate an API user for every your custom extensions & custom integration. Add your lambdas and microservices side-by-side to and hook-in them whenever you need to.

Get the free tech demo from our marketplace technology experts

Find out more about the tech behind randevu’s marketplace infrastructure. Get in touch with us and give us a hint that you need a tech demo. We will send one of our best tech experts to give you a tour behind randevu’s doors.