Managed digital platform backend solution

Speed up your development with our building blocks powered by a workflow engine and leverage the flexibility of GraphQL API to build new features and integrate to any system to meet all your marketplace custom requirements.

The most flexible solution on the market.


Integrate into any system or application and access’s functionality through GraphQL APIs.

Composable commerce

Seamlessly integrate best-of-breed solutions of your choice to your marketplace infrastructure.


Add UX and customer journeys that will make you unique in your industry. Add your web, desktop, and mobile frontends or use randevu’s frontend accelerator.

Event-driven architecture

Event-driven architecture scales as demand requires and allows you to extend it to fit your business needs.

Multiple environments

randevu offers you multiple environments, giving you the opportunity to test your data models and processes before releasing to production. 

Workflow engine

randevu has placed a workflow engine at the core of each building block offering unlimited flexibility. Design your marketplace flows and add endless states and actions.
randevu integrations out-of-the-box

Out-of-the-box integrations

Explore out-of-the-box deep integrations for the marketplace space. And add your own.

randevu’s marketplace engine implements event-driven architecture.

Having a side-by-side serverless function, microservice or server receiving a webhook and using the backend API with an API user gives you a powerful setup for adding additional business logic your participants will love.

If randevu is not providing the particular out-of-the-box an integration that you require, you can add it yourself leveraging webhooks. For example, calculate shipping costs or taxes for the jurisdiction where your marketplace operates.

“randevu team has been very supportive and professional. They are constantly improving their product and prioritizing our feature requests and that is making us a happy customer.”
randevu testimonial frontend developer Tsimafey Sakalou

Tsimafey Sakalou

Frontend developer @ SoftTeco

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