Developer experience like its 2023

Use your favourite framework and connect it to GraphQL API

Develop your custom frontend using whatever framework makes you most productive and serves your needs best. Use React, Vue, Angular, Svelte or even JQuery and vanilla JS for the web. For mobile, use native SDKs or hybrid ones like Flutter, React Native or even Cordova. Our customers even use frontends that we did not expect: WinForms & WPF.

$sudo API do as I told you

Change behavior behind an API endpoint’s backend gives you default business logic behind an API. With our marketplace engine you can change the business logic and tailor it according to your needs.

Side-by-side extensions and integrations

Add your own lambdas and microservices using API users

Dedicate an API user for every your custom extensions & custom integration. Add your lambdas and microservices side-by-side to and hook-in them whenever you need to.

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Ask us all of your questions and let us help you determine if the is the right solution for your marketplace business.