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We help you build your marketplace tech

Get expert advice on all phases of marketplace development from design to the implementation phase. Moreover, leverage our expertise and get strategy and business consulting.

A true partnership to drive success

randevu.tech has technology and business experts ready to partner with you and help you with platform business cases, implementation, go-live, and long-term scaling. 

Our customers get assistance with technology, business strategy, and with our battle-tested approach, their time-to-market and time-to-revenue is shortened on average by 5 months.

What we offer

Our interdisciplinary team of experts offer implementation services, advisory and business strategy services and unique marketplace expertise. 

randevu professional services implementation

Implementation services

Our product and technology teams help you bring your marketplace to market and scale it later on. We go with agile deployment, best-of-breed functionalities and integrations in your enterprise landscape.

randevu professional services advisor strategy

Advisory services & business strategy

Great technology alone is offen times not enough. Our advisory services and business workshops help enterprise customers succeed. We help you identify the business strategies and support you from day one to growth.

randevu professional services marketing expertise

Unique marketplace expertise

We provide technology and expertise for a variety of (B2B) marketplace solutions. The expertise comes from our experience in different marketplace industries, tech, and consulting.

Our experts are your experts in every phase of development

randevu professional services design phase

Design phase

We help you define business objects, marketplace value exchange processes, revenue models, chicken-and-egg strategy. We also use technology to test and validate the output of the design phase.

randevu professional services development phase

Development phase

We build on top by adding UX that fits your industry, and help you integrate randevu.tech into your enterprise landscape. The goal is to go-to-market immediately and enable fast iterations post go-live.

randevu professional services growth phase

Growth phase

After the go-live we help your business teams learn marketplace best practices. We train your tech team how to iterate and make fast releases of subsequent marketplace versions.

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