10 reasons to partner with randevu.tech vs building your marketplace from scratch


In today’s digital world, creating your own online marketplace can be a game-changer for your industry. We see this opportunity being seized not only by entrepreneurs with industry experience coming up with innovative marketplace solutions but also by traditional B2B companies in retail, manufacturing and many other industries that look to own their industry via a marketplace or expand their e-commerce business into a marketplace by enabling 3rd-party sellers.

However, developing the technology for your marketplace can be both time-consuming and costly, particularly in the B2B sector, where each industry has unique business practices.

The tech challenges are different across various stages of your business and they can be summed up into: the speed of development, developing a custom solution, the speed of releasing changes after the first go-live, maintenance, technical scalability and superior UX tailored for your industry. These challenges can overwhelm even the most ambitious entrepreneurs and great tech teams in big corporations. That’s where randevu.tech comes in. 

randevu.tech is not simply a technology provider, but a partner offering a full suite of services that could transform your marketplace ideas into reality.

Here are the top ten reasons why working with randevu can help your business.

  1. You get a custom and unique marketplace solution

    Thanks to our scalable and extensible workflow engine for digital platforms such as B2B marketplaces, B2C marketplaces, eProcurement and or simply matching platforms, you have the ability to create your own custom solutions with custom features.

    You do not have to fit your business into randevu as it is typically the case with white-label solutions, rather you customize randevu to your business requirements by creating the processes and features you need.

  2. You get custom and tailored UX for your industry

    Thanks to our headless architecture and the API-first approach, you have the ability to create a frontend with the UX that your industry needs. That frontend can be both a mobile application and a web application. Also, you can have desktop applications and even applications for your smartwatch.

  3. You keep the IP and the data

    With randevu, you own your IP. While we offer servers, databases, digital building blocks and APIs, your unique setups, processes, algorithms, and data structures remain yours.

  4. Accelerated development process with faster speed of change

    If you’re developing in-house or with a general purpose software house you will have to reinvent the wheel and develop everything from scratch. Alternatively, randevu gives you pre-built walls with a strong foundation. All you need to do is put them together, in the order you wish. In the context of developing a marketplace, this means you don’t need to start from scratch. With randevu’s pre-existing building blocks, you can quickly assemble the key features and functionalities required for your marketplace. All this with having the freedom to customize every aspect of your marketplace.

  5. Accelerated time-to-market by at least 3 times

    By using randevu’s core technology, you significantly reduce the time it takes to launch your marketplace. Instead of spending months, or even sometimes years, developing every feature from scratch, you can deploy a functional marketplace in a fraction of the time.

    randevu’s technology accelerates the time to market by at least three times, allowing you to get your marketplace in front of users quickly.

    Read the story of B2B marketplace in the plastic moulding industry that went to the market 4 months faster thanks to randevu

  6. Faster time-to-revenue

    Partnering with randevu accelerates your path to revenue. By quickly introducing your product to the market, you can swiftly validate the most effective revenue models with your consumers and providers. This rapid approach ensures you achieve revenue in a shorter timeframe.

  7. Lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

    The total cost of ownership of developing any technology refers to all the direct and indirect costs associated with building and maintaining that technology over its lifespan.

    In the context of a marketplace solution, TCO includes not only the initial development and implementation costs but also ongoing expenses such as the technical team, maintenance, updates and new features, scaling, and support.

    This is how partnering with randevu will reduce your TCO:

    – Lower development costs: by using pre-existing and modifiable components for the marketplace backend, you can avoid the high costs associated with building a marketplace solution from scratch.

    – Smaller tech team: since randevu manages the servers and the backend for you as part of the SaaS license, you do not need a dedicated tech person to build the most complex part of the marketplace. It’s enough to start with one frontend developer or even we can support you in that until you decide to bring a developer on board. To give you a real-life example, a lot of marketplace startups have a tech team of 4-6 people that consists of a CTO plus developers. With randevu, you are good to go with a team of one for a long time.

    Moreover, as your marketplace business grows and your marketplace system becomes just a part of your IT landscape, running on randevu will reduce your tech team size exponentially over time. Instead of having a team of 11-16 people taking care of the marketplace system, your team will be up to 4 people.

    Simplified maintenance: maintaining a fully custom-built marketplace solution can be costly and time-consuming. Choosing randevu allows you to put this burden on us and let us host and maintain your solution. This reduces the burden on your internal resources and ensures that your marketplace stays up-to-date without incurring additional costs.

    Ready to scale: As your marketplace expands and changes, you might have to introduce new features or support a larger user base. If you’re starting from the ground up, it’s not strategically smart to invest in scalable technology before confirming whether your business will succeed. With randevu, you get scalable solution from day one while having the flexibility that allows you to adapt your marketplace to meet changing needs without significant redevelopment costs. This minimizes the expenses associated with scaling and ensures your marketplace remains cost-effective as it expands.

  8. Battle-tested and reliable: our technology is not just innovative, it’s also verified by existing businesses across different industries. By utilizing randevu platform, you are investing in a reliable and thoroughly tested solution.

  9. One-stop solution: when building a marketplace, you might need more than just a technology partner. You need a partner who can provide a comprehensive solution including design, development, and strategic advice that might challenge your thinking. randevu offers precisely that, making us a one-stop solution for your marketplace needs:

    Knowledge & expertise: randevu’s team has expertise in software engineering, QA, design, business strategy, and more. This breadth of expertise ensures that every aspect of your marketplace is crafted to the highest standards, all under one roof. We can implement your entire marketplace, including frontend, backend, and operational applications, or can focus on specific aspects of your project.

    – Trusted partner network. If there are elements of your marketplace project that fall outside randevu’s expertise, we have a network of trusted partners we can recommend. This ensures you have all the resources you need for a successful marketplace, without the hassle of searching for and vetting multiple providers.

  10. Customer-centric approach and support throughout the whole lifecycle of your marketplace: at the core of our success is our commitment to putting our customers first. Every decision and action is driven by a focus on meeting the unique needs and objectives of each of our clients:

    Dedicated support: building a marketplace is a complex process that can pose challenges along the way. Our team is dedicated to providing you with exceptional support at every stage of your journey.

    Post-go-life assistance: the support doesn’t stop once your marketplace is launched. We continue to provide post-launch assistance to ensure the smooth operation of your marketplace and help address any issues that may arise.

Lets have a chat

As you can see, there are many reasons to partner up with us on your marketplace project. 

Our unique approach to efficiency and cost saving, coupled with our robust and customizable technology and dedicated and experienced marketplace team, makes randevu the go-to choice for businesses seeking to develop and scale their own marketplaces.

Reach out to have a chat and learn if your idea/project is a good fit for our modern approach. Ask any question. We would love to hear from you.

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The best platform technology bends to your business needs, not the other way around.

Best marketplace software adapts to your requirements. Not the other way around.