randevu.tech closes its pre-seed round of 325k EUR invested by ICT Hub Venture angel group, TS Ventures, Earlybird Vision Lab and Antler.

randevu.tech Founders

(Berlin, Germany and Belgrade, Serbia) Dec 7, 2023 – ICT Hub Venture, a Belgrade-based early-stage investment group focused on building technology-enabled companies with global potential, and TS Ventures Fond, focused on supporting innovative technology and business solutions, and Earlybird VC’s Vision Lab, joined forces to invest in randevu.tech, a Berlin/Belgrade-based tech company transforming the way enterprises build and scale B2B marketplaces and digital platforms. 

randevu.tech has developed a headless cloud infrastructure for building, running, and scaling highly customizable B2B marketplaces and digital platforms. Their innovative solution offers an enterprise-ready, cutting-edge piece of engineering tech stack that enables companies to decrease tech costs and accelerate time to market. Decreasing the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and accelerating Time to Market (TTM), gives their clients a competitive advantage. Moreover, the team has placed a proprietary workflow engine at the heart of their technology, enabling enterprises to navigate the changing needs of the business landscape with its flexibility. Innovative tech companies Toolplace, AQUGA, and Alethium, at the forefront of technological innovation, have leveraged randevu tech to create RFQ-based B2B marketplace tailored for the plastic molding industry, a B2B service marketplace for enterprise sourcing of SAP consultants, and wholesale B2B marketplace in the health industry, respectively.

Additionally, as the interest in fostering circular economy platforms grows to enhance sustainability, randevu observes an inspiring trend where innovative companies leverage their technology to build impactful solutions. Notably, one company in the manufacturing industry pioneers the recycling of industrial waste by building a custom B2B marketplace for the manufacturing industry, while another in the wind turbine sector is establishing a digital hub for wind energy between operators, investors, and service providers. This serves as evidence of randevu’s pivotal role in enabling transformative initiatives across various sectors.

Recognizing the capabilities of the technology, US-based, leading consulting firm on building marketplace platforms McFadyen Digital, featured randevu.tech as the top “Marketplace Platforms to Watch” at their well-known “Marketplace Suite Spot” report.

McKinsey forecasted that 30% of all global economic activity will be mediated by digital platforms e.g. marketplaces. randevu.tech has developed a technology that enables such transformation. 

All three founders bring extensive experience in the areas of their expertise. Aleksandar Orlić, CEO, has built several marketplaces and tech teams to build scalable technologies. One of his notable achievements is building a scalable banking infrastructure as a Co-founder and CTO of PENTA (acquired by Qonto for 200 million EURO). CTO Filip Perisic built and ran a marketplace business himself, built tech that enables SAP’s B2B marketplace business, and while at SAP’s fintech & insuretech lab, he got patents for his innovations in the e-commerce space. CCO Shuhrat Ashurov’s last startup was a platform business. He previously worked at Camunda, a workflow automation scaleup as an Account Executive and closed millions of euros worth of ARR during his time. 

If you are planning to build a highly custom marketplace to disrupt your industry, reach out to randevu.tech to leverage their technology. 

Miloš Matić, Partner at ICT Hub Venture commented on the investment  “Our investment in randevu.tech is a testament to our belief in the company’s vision and the team’s ability to execute it. We’re excited to be part of this journey and look forward to seeing the impact they can make in the B2B commerce and enterprise digitalization space.”

Davor Sakac, CEO at TS Ventures Fond added “We’ve always been on the lookout for groundbreaking tech solutions that have the potential to redefine industries. With randevu.tech, we believe we’ve found a game-changer in the B2B digital marketplace sector. Their headless cloud infrastructure is precisely the kind of innovation we want to back.”

The randevu.tech team was part of Earlybird’s Vision Lab in Berlin, a 6-month program for founders of international roots, building solutions in Germany, that offers mentoring, networking, and funding. Vision Lab Partner Ben Wilkening shares: “I could see that randevu.tech was going to excel due to the chemistry of the team and their complementary experience. It’s a great success story to see this funding come together for them.”

Aleksandar Orlić, CEO of randevu.tech, expressed his enthusiasm about the partnership, stating, “This investment is not just a testament of the hard work and dedication of our team, but also a clear indication of the potential our innovation holds in reshaping the B2B platform landscape. Partnering with ICT Hub Venture, TS Ventures Fond, and Early Bird’s Vision Lab reinforces our commitment to delivering a unique solution to our clients. We look forward to an exciting journey ahead, and we’re thrilled to have such partners by our side who believe in us and our vision.”

About ICT Hub Venture

ICT Hub Venture is Serbia’s first private venture capital fund focused on investing in early-stage technology-enabled start-ups in the Balkans. Along with its investment capital, ICT Hub Venture offers its partner companies support in business development, access to expert mentors across various subject matters, and access to partnership opportunities within ICT Hub family of companies. 

For more information or press inquiries, please contact Miloš Matić ([email protected]).

About TS Ventures Fond

Founded in 2021 by Telekom Srbija, TS Ventures Fond, the first Corporate Venture Capital fund in the Balkans region. They are on a  mission to back innovative technology and business solutions that can drive rapid and major transformations in society. 

About Earlybird Venture Capital’s Vision Lab

Earlybird Venture Capital’s Incubator and Impact Fund, Vision Lab, provides a six-month program comprised of mentoring workshops, networking events, and initial funding for startups composed of migrant founders.

About randevu.tech

randevu.tech is a VC-funded tech company with headquarters in Berlin and offices in Belgrade. It received its first investment from Antler VC and extended the round with the new investors. It has developed a headless cloud infrastructure to build, run, and scale B2B marketplaces and digital platforms. Its innovative technology with a workflow engine at the core, enables businesses to shorten their time to market and decrease their total cost of ownership while building and scaling digital platforms. 

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to founders via [email protected] or +4915221823063

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Shuhrat Ashurov

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